A conversation with Dr. Christy Nicolucci

Dr. Christy NicolucciFor the past year, Dr. Christy Nicolucci, DDS’07, has served as the President of the Dental Alumni Society, taking over the reins from Dr. Veronica Lee, DDS’07. We caught up with Dr. Nicolucci, when she took a break from her busy practice, to learn more about the Society, the plan to update its role and the opportunities for alumni to become involved.

What activities has the Society been involved with in the past year?

This year, the Society was busy with a few activities. We worked closely with the School’s alumni engagement officer, Nicole Dorssers, and helped to plan the ODA Dentistry Alumni Reception and the Dentistry Cocktail Party during Reunion Weekend.

One of our main tasks this year was to manage and administer the Dentistry Alumni of Distinction Awards. This year, we were so pleased at the number of nominations that were submitted; there are just so many accomplished alumni.

As you may know, we awarded two awards this year to Dr. Brenda Thomson, DDS’84 and Dr. Bruce Hill, MCID’90. We had a great time celebrating with Brenda and Bruce at the Dean’s Gala. It was the first time I attended, and we really enjoyed ourselves.

How can people nominate someone for the 2017 awards?

We’ve been working with the School and the nomination forms are now available on the website. The deadline for submissions is March 10. I really hope everyone will give this thought – so many of our classmates are doing great things out there and they should be recognized.

What plans does the Society have for the upcoming year?

We have a number of plans underway. As always, we’ll be helping to host the alumni reception on May 5 at the ODA Spring Meeting. And with Homecoming weekend taking place from October 20-21, we will once again host a cocktail party and present the Alumni of Distinction Awards at the Dean’s Gala.

We’ve also got some new things planned, and we are working closely with Nicole to implement them. As the School plans to build a larger overall alumni society, we will be making some modifications to our terms of reference as a society and recruiting new members to expand our role.

Why should people get involved with the Dental Alumni Society?

When we were in school, our classes were a unit, we shared interests and experiences and there was a bond between us. When we graduated, we all went on to become individuals in our own right. Of course, it makes sense that this would happen. Participating in the Alumni Society brings us back again as a team. It’s really a wonderful way to invigorate our work lives and remain connected to Western.

How can people get involved with the Dental Alumni Society?

We are hosting a luncheon during the ODA Annual Spring Meeting on Friday, May 5, and welcome any alumni who are interested in getting involved. If people would like to participate, they can email Nicole Dorssers at nicole.dorssers@schulich.uwo.ca for more information. We look forward to a great turnout at the luncheon and the reception.