Alumni Profiles

Jessica Gold familyFamily affair

For as long as Dr. Jessica Gold, DDS’16, can remember, dentistry has played a big role in her family’s life. “I remember attending family gatherings and overhearing my father and grandfather talking about dentistry in such a positive way,” she recalled. “My mother and grandmother would joke that it was the only thing they could talk about, but I loved that it could bring parts of my family together in that way.”

Dr. Karen CampbellA journey of reinvention

The early 1980s were a time of excitement, possibility and new developments for Dr. Karen Campbell. Shortly after graduating from Schulich Dentistry in the spring of 1982, Dr. Campbell and her husband, Roy, welcomed their first son. With the economic downturn and their eyes set on a better future, the couple made the decision to up-root their young family and relocate to Iroquois Falls.

A team playerA team player

For Dr. Mark Botsford, DDS’89, dentistry is a team sport. “Each player has a unique role to play and together we are all focused on a singular goal – treating our patient,” he said. It’s a philosophy that his more than 4,800 patients benefit from. With his team comprised of two associates and three hygenists, he keeps things humming during the day in two busy family practices in Strathroy and London.

Dr. Sepehr RahmanyCreative cues

Known as ‘the imitator’ during his dental school days, Dr. Sepehr Rahmany, DDS’03, can toss out some uncanny impressions of past and present Schulich Dentistry faculty members. This quirky knack for characters is one of the reasons he helped organize the annual dentistry skit nights throughout his four years at the School.