Graduate Orthodontics

Congratulations to the Class of 2016

Dr. Andrew Emanuele
Dr. Meena Na
Dr. Derek Tomson

Welcome to the Class of 2019

Dr. Diego Diaz
Dr. Woody Nielson
Dr. Johnny Tran

Alumni Weekend festivities

Graduate Orthodontics hosted an alumni reunion weekend from November 3-5, 2016. Highlights included a reception at the Graduate Orthodontic Clinic and a dinner at the Ivey-Spencer Leadership Centre. Dr. Kent Floreani, MClD’92, and his wife, Francine, were recognized for their generous donation supporting a new, fully-equipped orthodontic radiography suite at the School.

The next alumni reunion weekend will celebrate the program’s 45th anniversary in November 2018. Drs. Len Chumak, MClD’85, and Ali Tassi, MClD’07, assistant professor, will be organizing this exciting event.

Graduate OrthodonticsFront row (left to right): Dr. Michael Greene, Class of 2018; Dr. Christos Papadopoulos, Class of 2017; Dr. Diego Diaz, Class of 2019. Back row (left to right): Dr. Maria Pia Canales, Class of 2018; Dr. Woody Neilson, Class of 2019; Dr. Antonios Mamandras, Chair; Dr. Johnny Tran, Class of 2019; Dr. Erin Eyer, Class of 2017; Dr. Michelle Watroba, Class of 2017; Dr. Jennifer Curran, Class of 2018

Graduate OrthodonticsFrom left to right: Dr. Meena Na, MClD’16: Dr. Derek Tomson, MClD’16; Dr. Andrew Emanuele, MClD’16

Graduate OrthodonticsFrom left to right: Dr. Antonios Mamandras, Chair; Dr. Len Chumak, MClD’85; Dr. Drew McCallum; Dr. Marc Plus, MClD’79

Graduate OrthodonticsFrom left to right: Dr. Ali Tassi, MClD’07; Dr. Kent Floreani, MClD’92; Dr. Harinder Sandhu; Dr. Annop Sondhi; Dr. Antonios Mamandras, Chair