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How can we make it less expensive and risky to develop cures for diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s? That’s the question Ravi Menon and his team are pursuing.
Two decades ago, they scratched out ideas for a viral vaccine seed bank on a napkin. Now, three friends are making it happen, positioning the School as a leader in the fight against infectious diseases.
Nicole Redvers brings an Indigenous perspective to the effects of climate change on our health. And she’s opening the eyes of her students and the broader community in the process.
ChatGPT and AI are charming and alarming medical professionals and patients alike. What do our experts think about its promises and perils?
Space travel is both wildly seductive, and frighteningly dangerous. A group of Schulich Medicine researchers are on an odyssey to improve medical care in Space.
Federal plans to fund more dental patients mean both opportunity and disruption for Schulich Dentistry. And that’s a good thing.

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Code Blue

The pandemic is over for most of us – but not for health-care workers, who still face its repercussions.

Less is More

COVID-19 taught us to innovate. That same ingenuity could revolutionize health care in remote places.

Breaking Down Barriers on the Path to Better Care

The vision of two alumni has created a way to bring students from diverse backgrounds into a career in medicine.

Got Doc?

More than two-million Canadians are without a family doctor, and Schulich Medicine & Dentistry is finding new ways to bridge that gap.

A Big Idea for Small Mouths

Inspired by her time At Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, one alumna has turned a dentistry career into a new calling.

Back to a Better Future

The School’s very first MD+ graduate is shaping her future as a psychiatrist by exploring her passion for psychiatry and history. Her subject? Patient care in 19th-century asylums.

New Leader. Fresh Perspective.

With 10-plus years in postsecondary leadership, Rachel Halaney is expertly fashioning the right mix of people, resources, policies and plans to widen the School’s impact on a national and global stage.

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