Windsor Campus celebrates 15 years of impact

Fifteen years later and the results are in: The Windsor Campus has had a major impact, building a 35-per-cent increase in family physicians and 31-per-cent increase in specialists in the region. “Many of our students complete their medical school and residency here, and then set up practice here,” said Dr. Larry Jacobs, associate dean of the Windsor Campus.

Western’s first Black medical graduate

Schulich Medicine & Dentistry honoured Dr. Lewis H. Milburn’s legacy as Western’s first Black medical graduate. Milburn lived both his dreams: To serve in the military and be a doctor. Now, his story lives on to inspire future generations.

Expanded training, more help

With 16 new medical education spots added this fall and 22 residency training spots coming in the future, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry is training more future doctors to serve our region – a beacon of hope for areas in the region facing physician shortages.

image of hands holding an earth sculpture

Preserving planetary health

Many health-care professionals are turning their attention to the health of the planet, while also caring for human health. So is Schulich Medicine & Dentistry. Along with other schools, we signed the Academic Health Institutions’ Declaration on Planetary Health this year, highlighting the urgency of prioritizing our planet’s well-being and underlining our commitment to building climate-resilient health systems.

Pioneering program opens doors to high-school students

The Experiential Learning Academy for Biomedical Sciences (X-LABS) was designed to make biomedical sciences accessible for students from diverse backgrounds. This summer, the program did exactly that – 10 students from area high schools were exposed to every aspect of a potential career in biomedical sciences.

Gold trek

More than 150 years ago, Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke, co-founder of the medical school, set out on a gold-seeking expedition through the Sierra Nevada mountains. He was the sole survivor. This year, a team of athletes retraced the adventurous steps of Bucke in appreciation of this harrowing adventure.

Discovery Week program reaches 25-year milestone

For 25 years, first-year medical students have “discovered” what life and medical practice in regional Ontario have to offer through Discovery Week. Since its beginning in 1998, the program has placed approximately 3,700 students in regional communities – many of whom eventually return to practise medicine in those very places.

Dental clinic expands to address unmet needs

To address the unmet treatment needs of Oxford County residents, Oxford County Community Health Centre’s dental clinic has expanded its dental services thanks to a partnership with Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry. The dental clinic program offers fourth-year Schulich Dentistry students, under the supervision of a community dentist, the opportunity to serve patients in the community.

Dental outreach in Uganda

What better way to learn about dental disparities than experiencing first-hand what global health looks like in Uganda? Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry’s dental students continue to connect, learn and feel inspired by their partnership with communities across Africa through the International Oral Health Service Program.