Eating Disorders Program

Eating Disorders Program

The Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders Program provides timely, evidence based treatment for children and adolescents with eating disorders, as well as comorbidities with the goal of improved emotional, physical and psychosocial functioning. 

We are a specialized interdisciplinary team consisting of psychiatrists, pediatrician, psychologist, registered dietitian, social work, nurse case manager and child and youth workers.  We consult with physicians and practitioners in the community. 

Services Provided

Assessment and treatment of children and adolescent up to 18 years

Assessment is multidisciplinary involving nurse, psychiatrist, dietitian and pediatrician.

Consultation with physicians and practitioners in the community

Outreach workers are available in six areas (Chatham, Sarnia, Stratford, Owen Sound, Wingham and Woodstock) offering screening and therapy



Provides treatment using evidence based FBT (Family Based Treatment)  and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)

Patients are assigned a therapist; along with their families they will be expected to attend weekly appointments

Involvement and consultation with psychiatrist, psychologist dietitian and pediatrician as required and can be arranged through the therapist

Day Treatment:

Provided for patients who require more intense support than outpatient treatment and who are medically stable

The day-treatment program runs Monday – Thursday from 8am – 4pm

The program includes therapeutic groups, meal support and school


Beds are available on the inpatient Child & Adolescent Psychiatry unit for those in need of medical stabilization, symptom interruption and who require intensive treatment

  • Crisis intervention, residential services, day treatment, early years programming and various attachment therapies, family counseling, community outreach, day and overnight respite, and in-home counseling are offered.