Julio Martinez-Trujillo

Julio Martinez-Trujillo


M.D. University of Havana
PH.D. University of Tubinggen
M.Sc. University of Tubinggen
Office:  Robarts Research Institute, Room 7239
p. 519.931.5777 x.24383
f. 519.661.3827
e. julio.martinez@robarts.ca

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Neurophysiological bases of attention:

Attention can be defined as the selective filtering and modulation of information processing in the brain. It plays a major role in human performance. For example, we are much better at remembering particular details or scenes when we were paying attention to them relative to when we were distracted by something else – despite of the fact that the same information enters our senses in both situations.
Currently, we know that visual signals entering the different cortical areas are amplified when we are paying attention to them and attenuated when we ignore them. How the brain accomplishes this modulation of sensory information processing remains unclear. Today, our research aims at answering this question. We use a combination of behavioral measurements in normal subjects and patients and single cell recordings in non-human primates to study the mechanisms underlying the executive control of attention.

Visuomotor transformations in the gaze control system:

In order to successfully interact with our environment, the brain must transform visual signals entering the retina, in an eye-centered reference frame, into motor commands for the muscles executed relative to the body. We have previously demonstrated that the Supplementary Eye Fields (SEF), in the frontal cortex of primates, plays an important role in such reference frame transformation. Ongoing research in our laboratory aims at investigating the physiological properties of neurons within the SEF as well as the functional relationship between the SEF and other gaze control areas. We use a combination of 3D eye and head movement measurements, electrical microstimulation and single cell recordings in human and non-human primates.

Visual motion processing: 

The ability to process and perceive visual motion plays an important role in our daily life. Therefore, the primate brain is equipped with a system devoted to process motion and its attributes. Area middle temporal (MT), in the visual cortex of primates is thought to play a critical role in motion perception. We have demonstrated that neurons in area MT signals the occurrence of transient events on motion attributes, i.e., transient changes in the direction of moving stimuli. Research taking place in our laboratory is directed to investigate how area MT and other motion processing areas process such changes in different motion attributes.


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