Mark Darling



MSc (Dent)  University of the West  Cape, South Africa
MSc (Med)   University of London, U.K.
MChD (Oral Pathology)  University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

Office: Health Sciences Addition, Room HSA 424
Phone: (519) 661-2111 Ext. 86399
Fax: (519) 850-2926
Visit: Oral Pathology Diagnostic Service - London, ON

Clinical Activities

Keywords: oral pathology, oral medicine

Clinical Activities: Clinical activity includes daily microscopic diagnosis of oral disease. 

Research Activities

Keywords: oral pathology, salivary gland tumours, oral cancer, salivary gland neoplasia, mucocutaneous diseases

Description of Research Activities: Research activities involve: (a) human kallikrein expression in salivary gland carcinomas;  (b) role of osteopontin in salivary gland carcinomas; (c) chronic hyperplastic candidiasis; and, (d) biomarkers in oral cancer.

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