Resident and Fellow Cake and Tea Celebration 2024

Dr. Laura Lockau recipient of PaLM Annual Resident Award of Excellence

Congratulations to Dr. Laura Lockau who was the recipient of PaLM Annual Resident Award of Excellence. This award recognizes a resident who has excelled in their role as a resident-member of the pathology team.


Congratulations to Dr. Hao Li on completing the Diagnostic and Molecular Pathology Residency Training Program and Dr. Madison Gray for completing the Neuropathology Residency Training Program.

Dr. Hao Li will be staying on to complete two years of Neuropathology Residency effective July 1, 2024. 

tea_and_cake_mora_rasmussen.jpgWe would also like to Congratulate Dr. Flor Mora (Gastrointestinal Pathology) and Dr. Sean Rasmussen (Gastrointestinal Pathology) on completing their fellowships with us.