Inaugural Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Award

L-R Front Row: Madeleine Moussa, Jenny Elshourfa, Melanie Wilcox, Elissa Reid. Back Row: Rebecca Glover, Linda Jackson-Boeters, Stacey Johnson, Charmaine Dusic, Lauren Howell. Absent from the photo: Lindsay Ninivirta

Earlier this year, the PaLM Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Decolonization (EDID) Taskforce introduced an EDI Award to recognize and celebrate the work of physicians, faculty, staff, residents and learners who are committed to making PaLM more accessible, equitable, diverse and inclusive. The EDI Award recognizes achievements that advance EDI values through clinical practice, initiatives, programs, applied research or other activities that foster change and promote inclusivity.

The inaugural recipient of this award is the PaLM Social Committee for actively promoting EDI within the PaLM community and for embracing EDI values. In particular, the Taskforce noted the Committee’s initiative in organizing a Pride/Rainbow Day to celebrate Pride Month this past June. Thank you for fostering a culture of belonging within the Department.

Members of the Social Committee include: Charmaine Dusic, Jenny Elshourfa, Rebecca Glover, Lauren Howell, Linda Jackson-Boeters, Stacey Johnson, Madeleine Moussa, Lindsay Ninivirta, Elissa Reid, and Melanie Wilcox.