Closed for the Holidays


Western University will be closed for the holiday break effective December 23, 2022. Western will reopen on Wednesday, January 4, 2023.

PaLM extends best wishes to you and yours for a holiday season spent in good health, and a new year filled with abundance and opportunity.

2022: Year of the Pandemic Three

By: Dr. Ettler

Year 3 of the pandemic please soon be gone
For now we have Influenza, RSV and Omicron

David survived his first year as lead
And helped our department to succeed
Aaron and Nikhil joined the leadership team
And never seemed to run out of steam

On the admin side we began a new era
With our fashionista director Sara
Congrats to our new managers Susan and Thom
Who took on their new roles with great aplomb

I would also be remiss
In not welcoming new pathologists Simone and Chris
To Kamilia and soon Jessica, we say a fond farewell
We will miss you more than words can tell

Gross room numbers almost touched 1 k
And the placenta mountain looks like it’s here to stay
Down in the morgue things were equally nuts
But the PAs showed us they have guts

So many carts full of blocks in the hall
But our techs gamely tried to cut them all
The influx of consults and almost made us drown
But the clerical staff didn’t let it get them down

Our TAT unfortunately went in the wrong direction
Which did not always win our clinicians’ affection
We were inundated with orange rush slips
But only a rare curse passed our lips

So, while the year was hard and seemed oh so long
We worked together, somehow managing the case throng
Which makes our department so wonderful and strong
And one of which I am proud to belong