Congratulations to Mike Kadour


It is with great excitement we announce Dr. Mike Kadour (PhD) as the successful candidate to the newly established role of Chief Laboratory Officer in service to the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (PaLM) team and our patients across Southwestern Ontario and beyond. Mike joined LHSC and St. Joseph’s in 2013, coming from private sector health care consulting and public sector scientific research in UK/Europe. His leadership and collaboration have taken the early concepts of a regional laboratory service to a new level of provincial service lines, multiple regional operations, enhanced academic collaborations and innovative research advances.   

Some recent accomplishments by the PaLM team under Mike’s leadership include:

  • Achieving a North American leading reduced wrong-blood-in-tube rate through collaboration with Professional Practice to transform the workflow and introduce novel technologies
  • Successful transformation of the core laboratory operations across the three sites and achieving improved test quality, enhanced patient experience and improved turn-around time of results
  • Establishing the Verspeeten Clinical Genome Centre, a Canadian-first model integrating world-class translational research, diagnostic innovation and international commercialization to accelerate bringing molecular diagnostic innovation to patients 
  • Operating one of the most successful COVID-19 testing laboratories in Ontario through collaboration, innovation and a constant focus on the patient

Mike’s dedication to LHSC and St. Joseph’s, professionalism and leadership drive have elevated the PaLM team to become nationally recognized for effective operations, business development and influencers of scientific breakthroughs.  We are excited about Mike’s vision for the future of PaLM and diagnostics in Southwestern Ontario, and his commitment to developing a strong leadership team focused on quality, patient care, and respect for people. In the new role of Chief Laboratory Officer, Mike will directly support the PaLM senior leaders and their teams, and collaborate fully with all key stakeholders associated with PaLM.

This is an exciting new chapter in Mike’s leadership journey and a critical success factor for the ongoing impact that PaLM has for patients locally, provincially and globally. Please join us in congratulating Mike to the new role of Chief Laboratory Officer, PaLM.

Dr. Subrata Chakrabarti, Chair/Chief, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Glen Kearns, Integrated Vice President, Diagnostic Services and CIO