Graduate Student Orientation 2019


The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine extends a warm welcome to our new graduate students.  Incoming and returning students attended our Graduate Orientation on Wednesday, September 4, 2019. Vy Ngo welcomed all students as the graduate student representative on the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Graduate Education Committee.  Drs. Nancy Chan (Director, MClSc-Pathologists’ Assistant Program), Zia Khan (Chair, Research-based Graduate Programs), and Francisco Olea-Popelka (Research Chair, One Health) introduced their respective fields/programs, identified resources available to students, and outlined program expectations. These introductory remarks were followed by informative presentations focused on student success by our senior graduate students: Janice Gomes (PhD), Nicole Herbers (MClSc), Stefan Andrade (MClSc), John Palmer (President, Western Pathology Association), Hayley Good and Michael Roes (Wellness Ambassadors), and Srinitya Gannavarapu (SOGS). A meet and mingle hosted by the WPA followed the orientation program.