Schulich Medicine & Dentistry 2018 Pictorial Calendar


Congratulations to Mohammad Esmaeili (August), whose photo was chosen for the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry 2018 Pictorial Calendar. This year Schulich received more than 300 submissions; it was a challenging task for the judges to narrow it down to the top contenders.

Mohammad Esmaeili
Postdoctoral Fellow
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In addition to the pictorial calendar, the School is featuring desktop background downloads at the end of each month throughout 2018. Congratulations to Dr. David Driman and Kathilyn Allewell, who are two of the 12 additional featured artists. To download backgrounds, click here.

driman.jpg kathilyn.jpg
March 2018 Desktop Background
Dr. David Driman

December 2018 Desktop Background
Kathilyn Allewell
Media Specialist

To enjoy more photography and art submissions, click here.