Strategic planning process is moving forward

strategic planning

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Strategic Planning process is moving forward to the next stage. This week Drs. Subrata Chakrabarti and Mike Kadour sent a message to all our faculty, staff, technicians, trainees and students inviting them to participate in one of following three task forces. 

  1. Knowledge Sharing Strategy Task Group
  2. Knowledge Creation Strategy Task Group
  3. Patient Care Strategy Task Group

Each task force will come together to collaborate and help to shape our priorities in each of these areas, each group will meet for two 90-minute sessions, led by a facilitator. The groups will use the data gathered from the first phase of the strategic planning process to make recommendations on a key set of questions. 

Please take the time to read the message sent to you, and consider putting your name forward for one of the task groups. 

The deadline for response is March 16th