Unsung Hero

unsung hero

Katie Greenall, class of 2012 who graduated from our Pathologists' Assistant Graduate Program has recently self published a fictional novel.  The novel is called Unsung Hero.  

Lily and Ben are best friends, tied together by a secret. Ben has super powers. Together, they lead a double life. Ben saves the world, and Lily saves Ben. As much as she can in her small ways. She's his Girl Friday. His sidekick. And its not long before he begins taking her for granted. One night, Lily discovers Ben has been keeping a secret from her. One she cannot bring herself to accept, or forgive. Their friendship is torn apart, and they go their separate ways, or as far as they can go while still attending the same highschool. 

While Ben continues to fight crime on his own, Lily begins to make friends with people she'd always before refused. Ben had been her whole life. Now without him, she begins to discover herself, her backbone, and everything she never knew she was capable of. Meanwhile, without Lily's guidance and incredible intelligence, Ben finds himself stumbling into the middle of a secret war. A war between more people like him. And when someone he loves gets taken, he can't help but go to Lily for help. Unable to refuse him, they have no choice but to put aside their personal feelings until they can find a way to save Ben's friend.