Internal Review for AFC program in Cytopathology at Western University


The Western AFC in Cytopathology received a successful internal review from the Royal College this year. Our advanced training program for Cytopathology was newly accredited by the Royal College in 2014 and we have trained two candidates so far. The program is competency based with milestones which include independent case sign-out of in-house and consultation cases, performance of rapid on-site adequacy evaluations & FNABs and participation in quality assurance activities. There is a concomitant academic program with broad topic coverage including lab administration, quality assurance, medicolegal aspects and development of teaching skills. We have an interdisciplinary collaborative team including pathologists, cytotechnologists, otolaryngology surgeons, endocrinologists and diagnostic imaging physicians based at the London and Stratford hospitals affiliated with Western University. Congratulations and thank you to our team!