Dr. Mary Ellen Kirk Award

Dr. Driman and Residents

The Dr. Mary Ellen Kirk award is given out annually to a teaching faculty member by the pathology residents. The award is given to the individual who best exemplifies the following qualities with respect to resident education: dedication, enthusiasm, excellence, availability, approachability, knowledge and mentorship.

This year's award winner is Dr. David Driman. To quote the residents:

"This teacher has had a long, diverse and prolific career as a clinician educator. This individual’s commitment to resident education and breadth of educational experience spans the whole spectrum of a clinical teacher: from the clinical setting (at the microscope) to the classroom and to the areas of resident supervision, development, mentoring and evaluation. This individual is also a true role model to many pathologists. To add, there are some adjectives that some of my fellow residents used to describe this individual: dynamic, entertaining, dedicated, multifaceted, innovative, funny, and really smart."