Biotron partners with Pathology and Laboratory Medicine


A new partnership to provide Electron Microscopy diagnostic services has been officially welcomed by Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (PaLM) and the Biotron Experimental Climate Change Research Centre at Western University (Biotron).

Electron Microscopy allows ultra-structural assessment of tissue specimen and is a critical component of diagnosis, especially in the area of kidney disease, transplantation and neurology.  This work benefits not only the patients of London but also patient specimens referred from several regional hospitals as well as providing expertise in ultra-structural examinations for local researchers. The Biotron houses a Microscopy and Data Analysis Suite featuring the latest confocal, digital light and fluorescence, transmission and scanning electron microscopy technology.  In this new partnership, the Biotron is providing a state of the art electron microscopy facility that is being used by PaLM technologists and pathologists for assessment of patient specimens.

The official opening of this partnership was marked by an open house with staff and physicians from PaLM touring the space and learning about the technological capabilities at the Biotron.  The group was welcomed by Dr. Subrata Chakrabarti, Chair/Chief Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Western University, LHSC and St. Joseph’s Health Care London as well as Dr. Brian Branfireun, Director, Biotron.

In his remarks, Dr. Chakrabarti stated “The previous EM lab was located at South Street since the 1980’s.  We needed to move the electron microscope but did not have the appropriate space.  Through a collaborative effort with the Biotron Experimental Climate Change Research Centre at Western University we were able to renovate space in the Pathology Laboratory at University Hospital as well as negotiate a rental agreement for use of the electron microscope at the Biotron Centre”.  The new space was meticulously planned to create better flow and efficiency for the laboratory technologists and working in the Biotron allows for exchange of expertise with their staff.

The Biotron Experimental Climate Change Research Centre at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada is a unique, purpose built facility housing specialized environmental chambers, laboratories and equipment dedicated to research in the fields of environmental sciences, biotechnologies, materials and biomaterials, and engineering. The Biotron is a keystone facility supporting research on biotic and abiotic processes in the environment, and specializes in the simulation of natural environments at a range of scales. There is also a fully equipped Analytical Laboratory Suite with a range of instruments such as inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry, ion chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for the measurement of elements and compounds in water, soil, rock, and biological materials. These suites operate as service centres providing student and faculty training, technical assistance, and fee-for-service analyses to a wide variety of academic and industry users.