Financial Support

Research-based Graduate Programs (full-time only)

1. Stipends: It is the policy of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine that all full-time research-based (thesis) graduate students receive a stipend that guarantees a living allowance (i.e., after tuition and ancillary fees) of no less than $16,500 for MSc and $18,500 for PhD students. This brings the total amount paid to each student to a minimum of $21,000-$23,000 before tuition (payment of the tuition cost is the responsibility of the student). The base student stipend is typically a composite of funds from the supervisor's research grant, and School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Scholarship funding (e.g. Western Graduate Research Scholarship).

Stipends increase dramatically when a student is awarded a scholarship (see examples below). In this way, academic success and achievement is rewarded with financial incentives.  We strive to ensure that our graduate students are as competitive as possible for scholarship funding, and our success rate is high.

MSc  Stipend Levels
$19,500 $22,500 $24,500
PhD  Stipend Levels
$30,100 $32,100 $42,000

2. Duration of Stipend Support: Provided they remain in good standing, students are guaranteed funding only during the residency period of their degree program. Normal program duration times are:  6 terms for MSc students; 12 terms for Direct-Entry PhD students; and, 15 terms for students who transfer from the MSc to the PhD program.

3. Teaching Assistantships: A limited number of Teaching Assistantship positions (covered by the Collective Agreement between Western University and PSAC Local 00610) become available each year.  Information regarding these positions is communicated during the Summer term each year.

Financial Support

Research Grant Support 

Research grant support is administered by the graduate programs and by faculty members who hold research grants or externally-funded research contracts. This source of support is funded by a faculty member's research grant according to criteria specified by the granting agencies.