Graduate Diploma Research Form

Students interested in the Graduate Diploma program will be required to connect with a potential supervisor prior to applying. Once a supervisor has been identified and is agreeable, the prospective supervisor will submit the Graduate Diploma Research form to the Graduate Chair, Research-based Programs. This completed form needs to be reviewed and approved by the Graduate Chair, prior to student initiating the application. The purpose of this research form is to confirm that adequate time will be dedicated to the research project and program responsibilities, and that the research project can be completed.

The student may submit their application when approval is received from the Graduate Chair, Research-based Programs.

Letter of Understanding

To be reviewed by all incoming graduate students and their research supervisors. Completed/signed copies to be sent to

Graduate Diploma Progress Report

Student progression will be based on course performance and completion of their research project.  Students will be required to meet regularly with their primary supervisors.  Students will submit a progress report (Progress Report) at the conclusion of both term 1 and term 2.

Graduate Diploma Final Report

Prior to the end of month 11 in the Graduate Diploma program, students are required to submit a final report in the form of a manuscript. The following final report needs to be submitted to to evaluate fulfilment of Diploma requirements.

Course Exemption

A student may submit a request, in writing to the Graduate Education Committee (, to be exempted from taking any of the Diploma program’s required courses. The request must be accompanied by documentation that details the equivalent course already taken and/or reasons for requesting the exemption.

Graduating Students

Students graduating from our program are requested to provide feedback on their experience and learning. This feedback helps the program to continually improve and address areas of concern.