Dr. Victor Istasy


Paediatric Emergency Medicine
Phone:  519.685.8134
Fax:  519.667.6769

Dr. Victor Istasy is first and foremost a leader in Point of Care of Ultrasound in Paediatric Emergency Medicine. He has been teaching POCUS since 2014, and has revolutionized Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry with his vision to promote the application of POCUS in Paediatrics on all levels. This has been through the development of the Paediatric POCUS for Emergency fellows. In addition to this, he is very active in research, particularly in furthering the applications of ultrasound in paediatric medicine. Finally, he is very involved in undergraduate education, such as the development of a miniature Simulation Course emphasizing resuscitation and teamwork skills that are normally difficult to teach in an undergraduate setting. He also regularly gives back to society, through volunteering in a medical capacity overseas. 

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