Dr. Michelle Ponti

michelle-ponti.pngDevelopmental Paediatrics

Office:  Child and Parent Resource Institute (CPRI) 

Dr. Michelle Ponti is a Paediatrician in London, Ontario. She works at the Child and Parent Resource Institute (CPRI) a children's mental/developmental health facility. Her practice focuses on children with complex behavioural, developmental and learning issues. This includes paediatric consultation about child development, dual diagnosis and neurodevelopmental disorders including fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. She works within an interdisciplinary team model and provides medical care to children in outpatient and inpatient services. Dr. Ponti is also the Chair of the Digital Health Task Force for the Canadian Paediatric Society. She worked with this Task Force on the updated recommendations on screen time in young children 0-5 years and is currently examining the health effects of screen media use in school-age children and adolescents.