Black and white photograph of a stationary hospital

Military events feature large in the study of history just as military medicine contributes significantly to the history of medicine. You can read more about Schulich Medicine & Dentistry vibrant history of medicine program.

A hundred years ago, faculties of medicine from across Canada raised medical units to deploy overseas in support of Canadian troops and their allies in the First World War. The units (field ambulances, stationary hospitals and general hospitals) treated hundreds of thousands of casualties at a rate that is unimaginable today. Just as in today’s wars, medical care was given to injured combatants without distinction of their status as friends or enemies. Surgical care was provided at the highest level, often exceeding that available in Canada.

Surgical innovations were brought home after the war. Then as now, severely injured veterans continued to carry the effects of the war long after the conflict was forgotten by the rest of us.

The Canadian Journal of Surgery published a collection of article to analyze the contributions made by Canadian universities to the medical care of Canada’s soldiers in the First World War.

The series opened with an article about the No 10 Canadian Field Hospital (Western University) and continued until the centenary of the Armistice. The series, which was edited by Vivian McAlister, is available for your interest.


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