Dr. Vivian McAlister on deployment in a tent hospital.

Military research, in particular medical research, has played an important role in Canada's growth, leading to the founding of the National Research Council and the Medical Research Council. The Schulich School of Medicine & dentistry Western University has a long association with military medicine research.

Frederick Banting is remembered for the discovery of insulin, a project he conceived while preparing a lecture for Western medical students.

James Collip, who isolated insulin for Banting, later became Dean of the medical school at Western.

In the First World War, Banting served with the Canadian Army Medical Corps winning the Military Cross for care of victims of gas poisoning. In 1938, Banting joined Royal Canadian Air Force to research treatments for mustard gas injury and anti-gravity suits for pilots.

George Edward Hall, later dean of the Medical School and president of the University, studied the effects of high altitude and worked with Dr. Banting to develop the anti-gravity suit and oxygen delivery to pilots. In 2013, Capt/ (N) Ray Kao was appointed to theGroup Captain G. Edward Hall Chair in Military Critical Care Research.

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