London’s Military Connections

London Ontario has a long association with the military in Canada. It was known a military district #1 during the World Wars. Wolseley Barracks was named for Field Marshall Garnet Wolseley, 1st Viscount Wolseley. Construction of the barracks commenced on 1886. The original building is now an historic site that houses the RCR Museum. The barracks continue to serve Canadian Armed Forces members.

23 Field Ambulance (det London) is the local medical unit. CAF medical and nursing officers may be attached to 1 Canadian Field Hospital (Petawawa). Reserve officers are usually part of 1 Canadian Field Hospital (det Ottawa). See below.

Wolseley Barracks 519 660 5275: MIR (5199); Clothing (5727); Tailor (5701); PSP (5128); Officers' Mess; Morale and Welfare

Local Medical Units

23 Fd Amb: Adjt/Operations Officer & Recruiting Officer
Capt. Joseph Ivey
Telephone: 905.972.4000 ext. 6603
Mobile: 905-518-9462

1 Cd Fd Hosp (det Ottawa)
Adjt 613.901.1682
Clerk 613.901.1667 / 613.901.9272
Fax: 613-998-3924

Local military museums

Local Military Units

HMCS Prevost
19 Becher St., London
Commanding Oficer: LCdr Jeremy Breese
Ship's Office : 519.660.5275 Ext. 5074 

31 Canadian Brigade Group
Building 50, Wolseley Barracks
Commander: Colonel Chris Poole
Telephone: 519.660.5275 Ext. 5246
Fax: 519.660.5038 

1st Hussars
A" Block Wolseley Barracks
Commanding Officer: LCol B Scheid
Telephone: 519.660.5246 Ext. 5246
Fax: 519.660.5038

31 CER (The Elgins)
40 Wilson Ave., St Thomas
Commanding Officer: LCol Scott Smith
Telephone: 519.631.3316 Ext. 2203
Fax: 519.631.5758

4th Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment
Building 63, Wolseley Barracks
Commanding Officer: L Col Sean T. Harding
Telephone: 519.660.5275 Ext. 5253
Fax: 519.660.5045

31 Signal Regiment
750 Elizabeth St, London, Ontario N5Y 4T7
Phone: 905.972.4028
Fax: 905.972.4009

2 Military Police
Building 50, Wolseley Barracks
Commanding Officer: Capt G. Counsell
Telephone: 519.660.5275 Ext. 5129

Royal Canadian Legion
Ontario Command
89 Industrial Parkway North
Aurora, ON, L4G 4C4
Toll Free: 1.888.207.0939
Telephone: 905.841.7999
Fax: 905.841.9992

Vimy Branch 145
PO Box 25572
London Business Centre
London, ON, N6C 6B3

Victory Branch 317
311 Oakland Ave
London, ON, N5W 4J5
Telephone: 519.455.2331
Fax: 519.455.1285

Byron-Springbank 533
Royal Canadian Legion
Byron-Springbank Branch 533,
1276 Commissioners Road, West
London, ON, N6K 1E1
Telephone: 519.472.3300