Coaching & Feedback

As faculty and learners in CBD, appropriate coaching, mentoring and feedback are integral parts of the success of the medical education experience.

In our current system, many of our commonly used assessment methods do not get at what a resident does on a typical clinical day. There needs to be more observation of residents doing their daily work, rather than performing in a “testing” environment/situation. Hence, the emphasis on Assessment FOR the purpose of Learning needs to be far greater than what currently exists. In other words, assessments (or observations) identify opportunities for learning.


Coaching as a method of teaching and learning for competency progression. 

See the following videos on medical training coaching and forms of feedback related to CBD:

From the coaching standpoint, the purpose of workplace-based assessment (WBA), which occurs in the practice environment, must be understood and accepted as formative, in other words, for the purpose of informing learning. The goal of WBA is to provide specific feedback to enable resident development.

The documentation of the feedback and coaching suggestions (kept in the resident’s ePortfolio on One45 and/or Elentra) will however, be part of what the competence committee uses to make decisions about EPA achievement.

Coaching is about learning and improving performance, not assessment and judgement!