Grand Rounds deal with broad and innovative areas in the specialty and are held every* Wednesday from 8-9 am in Sumner Auditorium & via Zoom.

Friday Rounds are more case-based and rotate themes. They are held in person every* Friday from 8-9 am in Sumner Auditorium. 

Friday also hosts M&M Rounds, open to the OBGYN Faculty, Residents, and Fellows only.

To be added to the email list for Grand Rounds please email Samantha Kreamer (

 *May change due to scheduling, holidays, etc.


We invite industry representatives to contribute to the OBGYN education fund. Sponsors will be acknowledged on our website below, and on the weekly poster/email notifications.


Conflicts of Interest of our Continuing Medical Education Planning Committee:

Committee Member

Any direct financial payments including receipt of honoraria

Membership on advisory boards or speakers bureaus

Funded grants of clinical trials

Patents on drug, product or device

All other investments or relationships that could be seen by a reasonable, well-informed participant as having a potential to influence the content of the educational activity

Carol King (Chair) None None None None None

Akira Sugimoto

None None None None None
Barry MacMillan None None None None None
Erin Lovett Bayer, Linpharma, Lupin Pharma Lupin Pharma None None None
George Vilos Abbvie, Idoman Teoranta Abbvie, Idoman Teoranta None None None
Jeff Nisker None None None None None
Taryn Taylor None None Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada - Medical Education Research Grant

Intuitive foundation - Research Grant


Ornge (contract work - provide obstetrical skills training)

Tracey Crumley None None None None None
Yvonne Leong None None None None None



Grand and Friday Rounds are accredited under Section 1 of the Royal College Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program. OBGYN staff desiring CME credits are asked to contact Samantha Kreamer ( to ensure you are on our One45 evaluation list. Please mark yourself as "attended" to receive the evaluation + CME credits at the end of the year. 


Topic/Speaker Recommendations

The planning committee controls the selection of topics, content and speakers for the activity, as per accreditation standards, but recommendations can be sent to Samantha Kreamer (