London Health Sciences Centre-Victoria Hospital

Research activities at Victoria Hospital (The Victoria Research Labs of the Lawson Health Research Institute) and The London Regional Cancer Centre are directed towards the relationship of reproductive hormones and gynecologic cancer. Projects involve the study of hormonal influences on the development and progression of endometrial cancer, the regulation of sex hormone binding globulin and, in collaboration, utilization of the latest nucleic acid technology to study the control of cell replication in reproductive tissues. Also in progress are clinical studies aimed at assessing the value and effects of various treatment regimens for gynecologic malignancy.

The Dental Sciences Building

The Perinatal Research Lab is located on the fifth floor of the Dental Science Building of Western University. Basic and clinical research projects are intimately intertwined and include studies utilizing humans as well as the chronic fetal sheep model. The control of the onset of fetal growth and development is a major area of interest and includes projects studying the role of the placenta and glucocorticoids. A further research area of focus concerns the study of fetal cardio-respiratory physiology and comprises projects investigating the regulation of uterine blood flow, fetal organ blood flow and oxygen consumption in normal and hypoxic conditions, the influence of maternal lifestyle on fetal physiology and studies designed to develop new methods for the clinical assessment of fetal health.