How to scan to USB on a Toshiba eStudio

The Scan to USB function stores scans to a USB storage device when a USB storage device is connected.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Place the original(s).
  2. On the control panel, press the [SCAN] button to enter the SCAN menu.
  3. To store scans in a USB storage device, connect the device to the equipment and wait a few seconds.
  4. When “Found USB DEVICE.” message appears on the touch panel, press [USB].
  5. Define the settings for the new file as required. Press [FILE NAME] to change the file name. 2) Select an option for each of the FILE FORMAT, MULTI/SINGLE PAGE and SECURITY settings. 3) After the settings are done, press [OK].
  6. Press [SCAN] to scan data.
  7. If you have another page to scan, place another original on the original glass and press [SCAN] or the [START] button to continue scanning. To finish the job, press [JOB FINISH], followed by the [FUNCTION CLEAR] button.