2018 Visiting Speaker Series

2018-VSS-Susan-Reverby-30October-copy.png2018 Visiting Speaker Series

Dr Shelley McKellar, 2018 Guest Lecturer Dr Susan Reverby, Dr Shauna Devine, Dr Paul Potter

On October 30, Prof. Susan Reverby enthralled a large audience of medical students, faculty and the general public with insights into the unusual and revolutionary journey of Dr Alan Berkman (1945-2009).  As a member of the Weather Underground, this American physician did jail time for his part in the Resistance Conspiracy, and almost died in prison due to inadequate medical attention.  After his release, Berkman turned his attention to health care needs of the community.  An activist on many fronts, Berkman was a founder of Health GAP, formed to deliver antiviral drugs and other AIDS medications to the poorest nations.   Earlier in the day, Prof Reverby talked about her work on the Tuskegee Syphilis Study (1932-1972) to medical students at a lunchtime session of the Osler Society in the History of Medicine Library, HSA 041.  Prof Reverby also spoke with graduate students of the Global Health Systems Program in an informal meet-and-greet event at the Murray Lounge, SDRI.  It was a jam-packed day of engaging interactions among students, faculty and an outstanding scholar in the history of medicine field.  Thank you everyone for contributing to the success of these events!

reverbys-square.jpgFive Questions with Dr. Reverby

"How did you become interested in Dr Alan Berkman and his AIDS activism?"

Read Dr Susan Reverby's answer to this question and more in an interview conducted by Dr. Shauna Devine earlier this month. Click here for interview transcript.