Collaborative Graduate Program in Global Health Systems

The Collaborative Graduate Program will augment the training received in the student’s home department by providing specialized training in scholarship related to Global Health Systems in Africa. Learning outcomes for the Global Health Systems program are supplemental to those of the students' home or disciplinary program. Consequently, students will be expected to meet the learning outcomes of the Global Health Systems program as well as those of their home program, providing them with an enriched learning experience.

The objective is to provide students with a transdisciplinary, knowledge-to-action, systems approach learning experience (in both research-based and professional programs) in order to become global leaders with an understanding of one of the most challenging, complex areas of the world. Students will explore thematic areas inspired by the 2015-2030 United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals where Western University has established strengths such as in poverty reduction; maternal and newborn child health; HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases; environment and sustainability; and food and nutrition.