Nitin Mohan MD, MPH

Photograph of Nitin MohanTeaching: GHS 9010A

Dr. Nitin Mohan is an assistant professor that teaches courses in the Master of Management and Applied Sciences and Master of Public Health programs. He is also a partner and physician epidemiologist at a private public health consultancy firm and research think tank called ETIO which is based in Toronto, Ontario. He obtained his Medical Doctorate in 2015 and his Master of Public Health in 2017.

He formerly worked for the Government of Canada, at the Public Health Agency of Canada where he was a physician epidemiologist with the Centre for Food-Borne, Enteric, and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (CFEZID) as well as the Surveillance Coordination Unit under the Infectious Disease Prevention Control Branch (IDPCB).

He specializes in infectious disease surveillance and preventive medicine. He has experience coordinating national surveillance activities ensuring accurate data collection across multiple sectors.

Through his role at ETIO he works with private and public sectors and Non-Governmental Organizations on various projects ranging from knowledge translation, data management, research design and clinical guideline development, software development and program development. His experiences have allowed him to work in dynamic health systems, through clinical practice, research implementation and surveillance design. He is routinely featured on various media outlets as a key contributor during the COVID19 pandemic.

His interests include preventive medicine, global health, public health, health equity, health economics and population health.