Multi-Functional Clinic

Muti-Functional Clinic

The Multi-Function Clinic allows our faculty dentists to practice privately in the specialty area that they have been trained in. Because they are able to complete treatment that is of a more complex or difficult nature than students are able to complete, it offers an excellent opportunity for students to observe masters in their profession.

Patients seeing one of the faculty practitioners can expect to have student observers during their treatment. Patients seeking treatment from one of these faculty are not considered to be a patient of Schulich Dentistry and are not required to complete the screening processes. Following treatment by a faculty, the patient may wish to be seen by a student and they must go through the standard screening process.

Faculty/Contact Area of Interest Days available
Dr. Harinder Sandhu
Periodontics Tuesdays
Dr. Fernando Inocencio
Orthodontics Fridays & Saturdays
Dr. Gildo Santos
519.661.2111 x86171
Restorative Dentistry Monday & Thursday afternoons
Dr. Kenneth Wright
Periodontics Friday mornings

Dr. Esperanza Bohorquez
519.661.2111 x80903                

Restorative Dentistry Thursday mornings
Friday afternoons