White Coat Ceremony 2018

The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry’s White Coat Ceremony is a symbolic milestone for incoming Medicine and Dentistry students. It welcomes them into their chosen profession and marks the beginning of a lifelong journey of learning, the provision of health care, community engagement and advocacy.

While the Medicine and Dentistry Classes of 2022 and the Internationally Trained Dentists Class of 2020 celebrated this new beginning, it was a bittersweet event for Dr. Michael Strong, dean, and Gerry Cooper, EdD, associate dean, Schulich Medicine – Windsor Campus – each of whom were participating in their final ceremonies in their current roles.

The Ceremony featured student leaders who shared welcoming remarks with their peers. Dr. Strong also shared his congratulations to the students on their achievement in being selected as medical and dental students, and spoke to them about the pillars of professionalism - altruism, integrity, responsibility and respect.

This year, three sets of siblings were welcomed to the day – making it a particularly special event for their families and their classmates.

Danny Matti, Medicine Class of 2022, and Saif Matti, Dentistry Class of 2022, were deeply honoured to participate in the ceremony.

“It is has been a life-long process and dream, with a lot of hurdles and sacrifice, but I know I can speak for both of us when I say we are very proud, honoured and privileged to be able to stand before our family and peers wearing our white coats,” said Saif.

Danny Matti echoed the emotions, saying that it was a humbling experience to share this special moment with his brother.

 “While receiving the white coat and listening to Dr. Strong’s speech, it dawned on me how special this moment was. This was our introduction to the profession,” he said.

Jessica Liu, Medicine Class of 2022, and Eric Liu, Medicine Class of 2022, were also cloaked together.

“My brother and I supported each other so much on our journey to medical school. For me, receiving our white coats together on stage represented all of our collaborations, past and future,” Jessica said.

 “The journey into the profession of medicine is a long and arduous endeavour,” Eric added. “I am fortunate to be sharing this experience alongside a sibling – we will always be there for one another to overcome challenges and celebrate successes.”

A reception followed the formal ceremony and then students headed off for planned lectures and the commencement of classes.