We're here for you

Another academic year is winding down and, as in years past, we say good-bye to learners we’ve seen grow and mature into the physicians they are leaving us as.   

We watch the first year students find their footing and take on leadership roles, engage in research and cement new friendships into life-long relationships.  

We look forward in excitement as we prepare to welcome the Medicine Class 2021, and we remain available to support our third year learners through a very busy summer with little downtime as they train and plan for their fourth year electives tour.
Change. It’s exciting. It’s scary. It’s motivating. It causes anxiety.

It’s life.   

One of the challenges, especially with beginnings and endings, is not knowing how we will adapt to new things – new learning, new settings, new city, new friends, new housing.

Sometimes we focus on the negative only to find it’s not so bad.  

Other times we are extremely excited only to be met with some disappointment with the reality of our new situation.   

In a world of TOSCE’s, OSCEs, CarMS matches and seemingly constant obligations, life can seem overwhelming and time can seem slim. Looking forward may seem impossible, however it usually helps makes things more manageable. The reality is, change is one of the few things you can expect – yet it often seems to sneak up on us.  

Attitude, preparedness and reaching out for support are just a few things we can do to adapt to what will soon be a new normal.    

For some, change creates a lot of anxiety. If that’s the case for you, I hope you will reach out to the Learner Equity & Wellness (LEW) office. Remember, we are here, with experience to help you through the difficult times in a non-judgmental, action-based way. Our office continues regular office through the summer break.  

Finally, enjoy yourself. Managing your time and making time for things you enjoy is a great remedy for anxiety and a great distraction from focusing on things we can’t change but must adapt to.

What better time than the summer to do some things you love. I hope you will all carve out some time to make some wonderful memories through adventure, travel or any leisure activity you enjoy. A good book on a long, lazy, sunny summer day goes a long way for the spirit!  

All of us at the LEW Office wish you a safe and fun-filled summer, filled with great experiences academic and otherwise. To those of you leaving us as physicians, we wish you all the best in the next phase of your training and career.

Stephanie Coccimiglio