A leader of distinction

Dr. Mark Awuku was awarded the Schulich Excellence in Education Award for Undergraduate Education - Distinguished Leader. He was honoured at the Celebration of Excellence Dinner in London on May 24.

Dr. Awuku has distinguished himself as an accomplished teacher, leader, and mentor.

He embodies the tenets of the ideal educator. His calm manner and inviting approach to teaching are consistently cited as excellent by students, colleagues and patients alike.

His profound confidence in the learner’s ability inspires the student to greater heights and calls to his faculty to give more. This level of excellence has earned Dr. Awuku has received numerous awards and accolades.

He embodies the skills of a statesman, ambassador and cheerleader, and is, in part, responsible for the strong and enthusiastic cadre of faculty at the Windsor Campus.

He is the recipient of the LOM Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching, Best Fellow ICU Award, Best Teacher Award from Schulich Medicine & Dentistry’s Department of Paediatrics, in 2004, and Best Teacher Award for Distributed Education from 2004-2008. He was also awarded the 2005 PAIRO Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award and the 2008 Ontario Medical Association Student Advocate Award. And in 2016 he was named an honorary degree recipient from the University of Windsor.

As outstanding as these awards and recognitions are, they pale in comparison to the legacy and inspiration he has left with all of his students over the years.