Sound advice supports success

Welcome to the new academic year. We wish all our learners – from the new incoming Class of 2020 to residents beginning their careers in Family Medicine and Psychiatry, along with the Clerks and Class of 2019 – a fabulous year of rewards and challenges as they continue their journey in medicine.

The beginning of a new academic year is met with excited anticipation of what’s to come, along with an expected amount of apprehension about the unknown and the work that lies ahead. Often, the excitement of the first few days is coupled with notices and to-do lists. Please remember, this is just our way of ensuring a smooth transition into the next phase of learning – it’s not meant to scare, but it is meant to motivate.

Being prepared and planning ahead is the best solution to easing anxiety. Here are some reminders to take note of:

Medicine Class of 2020

Be sure to complete your intake appointment with Learner Equity & Wellness (LEW) and challenge yourself to get involved with special interest groups and student leadership roles. Remember that you are not beginning your training in competition, but in friendship – lean on each other and those in the years ahead of you.

Medicine Class of 2019

As you continue your pre-clinical training, take the time to explore career options and continue research. Clerkship is around the corner and as you progress through rotations, you may find yourself conflicted as to where your passion might lie – doing observerships, reaching out to faculty and meeting with LEW can help you prepare in advance for a career that fits. Always keep in mind how your CV is progressing as there is little time in Clerkship to take on much else. Now is a good time to get involved in research and leadership roles within the school. Be mindful, also, that this year introduces you to OSCEs and consolidation – though we know you will all meet this challenge with enthusiasm.

Medicine Class of 2018

Remember that in the midst of your hectic schedule, immersed in clinical training, it is important to carve out time to research and secure electives in a timely fashion. This includes some soul searching early on to uncover the field in which you are most interested. It’s much easier to secure electives in a timely manner when you know what you want. Remember, have a back-up plan and pay close attention to all information passed along regarding electives.

Medicine Class of 2017

As you embark on your exciting cross-country electives as ambassadors of Schulich Medicine, where you will connect with those involved in your desired profession from coast to coast, remember to document and journal your experiences, as they will serve as invaluable memories for your CaRMS interviews. Be mindful of deadlines as they pertain to CaRMS and be sure to continue polishing your CV and personal statements as those deadlines approach.

For all the above challenges and all other needs you may have, please remember that the LEW Office is here as your support, advocate and information resource. We are here to help, please reach out when needed.

Once again, we wish you a wonderful year ahead. Best of luck.

Stephanie Coccimiglio
Learner, Equity & Wellness Coordinator – Windsor Campus