New Beginnings

Welcome to our residents and the members of the Schulich Medicine Classes of 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

The past few weeks, have certainly required some adjustment on the part of all our students and learners.

The residents for Family Medicine and our new Psychiatry post graduate program are now in full stride and are experiencing life as physicians in residency. We are happy to see some graduates returning home for this exciting new beginning, and greet our new residents with heartfelt well wishes.

Our Medicine Class of 2016 has commenced their visiting student electives, where they will discover more about their prospective career interests, make connections at other programs across Canada, and find out more about clinical education away from ‘home’. We are sure Schulich Medicine & Dentistry will be well represented and wish you all the best with your travels.

Meanwhile our Medicine Class of 2017 is now venturing outside of the classroom and into the clinical setting for their clerkship year, where they will get a stronger idea of their desired profession and specialty. They will also get to know and support one another better as future physicians, as they pursue their studies in smaller clerkship groups. We wish them the best of luck with this adventure.

The Medicine Class of 2018 may seem to have it a bit easier with adjustments this year, but will soon be tasked with TOSCEs, OSCEs, and consolidation. We have every confidence that they will do well and we wish all of you a successful and enjoyable year.

A reminder to all our students the Learner Equity & Wellness (LEW) Office is here for you as you adjust to the different stages of your medical education. Whether you are seeking support for personal counselling, financial management, or career guidance, LEW is here for you.

Kylie Hamilton, Coordinator,
Learner Equity & Wellness