Psychiatry residency training program in Windsor expands

This July, Drs. Ron Kakar and Sybille Lindsay, from the Department of Psychiatry, will begin their training in Windsor on a full-time basis. While clerks and trainees have had the opportunity, for many years to pursue electives in Windsor, this will be the first time trainees will spend their full five years in the community.

Dr. Paul Links, chair/chief, Department of Psychiatry is very pleased to see the long-time plan come to fruition. “When we prepared for the CaRMS match this year,” he said, “we set a goal of having two students choose to take their training in Windsor. We are really pleased to have achieved that goal.”

“The trainees will be exposed to a different type of practice than they would be in London,” Dr. Links added. “Windsor offers a much more mixed practice for the trainees.”

Dr. Links credits Dr. Brian Burke, postgraduate director Psychiatry in Windsor and Dr. Pasquale Montaleone, PGY5 trainee, for championing the efforts to provide this newly expanded training opportunity.

In his role, Dr. Burke will supervise the day-to-day supervision and training of the residents. It will be his job to help coordinate the training and ensure it complies with standards.

He believes by spending the full five years in Windsor, the trainees will begin to feel part of the community and this will enhance their training. “As a member of the community, you feel a greater responsibility and you can follow your patients through their care during an extended period of time, which make an enormous difference,” he said.

Dr. Montaleone, who is originally from Windsor, will be moving back home to serve in the role as senior resident and mentor the new trainees. And once his own training is complete, Dr. Montaleone plans to set up a practice in Windsor to complement the existing services.

The hope with this expanded training opportunity in Windsor is that as more residents consider completing their training in Windsor they may decide to remain in the community.

In addition to Dr. Montaleone and Dr. Burke, Dr. Links is grateful for the support of Gerry Cooper, EdD, associate dean, Windsor Program.