My six-word story

My six-word story: Dr. Jasna DeLuce PGY4, Medical Oncology


Toronto, Ontario


Slo pitch

Words of wisdom I live by: “Strive for progress, not perfection.”

Most memorable training experience in medicine:

  • I can’t isolate a single event or moment. There is a whole mosaic of experiences throughout my training that has been both awesome and terrifying all at the same time. There has been disappointments, failures and mistakes. There have also been excitement, successes and personal/professional growth. I have met so many amazing people and learned so many things along the way about myself, about people and about the world.
  • I often get asked why I chose oncology, and isn’t it too sad? I actually feel like it was fate that I ended up in this field, as it was not something I had initially imagined myself doing, but something that I ultimately gravitated toward. Oncologists have a very unique relationship with their patients. Everyone has been touched by cancer in some way, shape or form and being diagnosed with and treated for cancer has such a huge impact on people. My favourite and most rewarding part of working as a doctor has been getting to know patients and their families, and the rewarding feeling of helping people navigate through difficult times. Some of my most memorable moments have been sharing in the joy and sadness with the patients and families I’ve met during my oncology training. Some of them have shared with me the most profound and beautiful words reflecting about life, about dying, about family and friends, their fears, their joys, life experiences and the mark they’ve left on the world. I feel so incredibly privileged to be a part of their journey and to share these powerful moments with my patients.
  • Oncology is also an incredibly interesting field because of all the new research and treatments being discovered each year, it’s always changing and exciting. I’m constantly learning and being challenged. It’s something I’ve become very passionate about and feel like I’m doing exactly what I’m meant to be doing.


  • Internal Medicine Residency, Queen’s University
  • Doctor of Medicine, Saba University School of Medicine
  • Honours Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto

Awards and grants:

  • Resident Research Grant, PSI Foundation (PI)
  • Department of Medicine Innovation Fund, ICES Category (Co-PI)
  • Student Excellence Award, Saba University School of Medicine
  • Award for Best Poster, Ontario Psychiatric Association Conference
  • Ontario Volunteer Service Award

Community Involvement:


  • Co-Director, Cardiology Journal Club for Internal Medicine Residents
  • Member, Orientation Leadership Group
  • Member, Resident Wellness Leadership Group
  • Volunteer, Resident Peer Mentorship
  • Class Representative, Student Surgical Association of Saba
  • Vice-President of Internal Affairs and Volleyball Representative, Saba University School of Medicine Athletics Association
  • President, Women’s Medical Student Association
  • Vice President of External Affairs, Saba University School of Medicine Student Government Association
  • Volunteer, Saba University School of Medicine Health Fair
  • Teaching Assistant, Saba University School of Medicine (Biochemistry, Physiology, Neurology)
  • Mentor, Student Mentorship Program


  • Co-Founder,
    Fundraising website and campaign beginning in 2008 to raise money for brain cancer research at Princess Margaret Hospital. $32,000 raised to date.
  • Big Sister, Youth Assisting Youth
  • Vice President, Saba Girls Running Group
  • Volunteer Research Assistant, Child Personality and Development Lab

Career goals:

  • I’d like to complete a subspecialty fellowship to focus on one or two disease sites in oncology. I’m hoping to continue working at an academic centre, primarily with an interest in leadership. I also hope to partake in smaller roles in education and research as well.

Personal notes:

  • Last book read: Educated by Tara Westover
  • Most played song on Spotify/Apple Music: "You’ve lost that loving feeling," The Righteous Brothers

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