BioMedical Research Facility – on track

The new BioMedical Research Facility (BMRF) is on track to break ground in February 2020. However, in order to begin construction at that time, a number of enabling projects will begin early in October 2019. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Construction of a new high voltage duct bank through the Medical Science parking lot to replace the current one that will have to be removed during excavation for the BMRF;
  • Installation of a new generator serving the Medical Sciences Building to replace the current one, which will have to be removed during excavation for the BMRF.

The loss of parking spots will be the primary impact of both of these early works project. It’s anticipated that approximately 32 spots will be lost for the duration of the project and there may be times when the entire Medical Science parking lot will be unavailable.

As previously announced, the University has been working on a plan to address the impact of these activities on School operations. While more specific details of those plans will be shared by the University, it has been determined that the pay and display spots at the entrance to the Medical Science parking lot will be converted to permit only for Dentistry use. Some visitor spots in the Social Science parking lot will be relocated to the Springett parking lot with the vacated spots in the Social Science parking lot converted for use by Dentistry.

Beginning in February of 2020, five spots in the Siebens-Drake lot will be disrupted, however, the total number of spots will remain the same as new spots will be created and attrition will slightly reduce the total number of permits sold in that lot. Users of this lot will be contacted directly by the University’s Parking Services Office.

Pedestrian access to the Medical Science parking lot via the pedestrian sidewalk at the east end of the Siebens-Drake Research Institute (SDRI) will be cut off during the construction including the early works. Permit holders in the Siebens parking lot who would like to obtain card access through SDRI should contact Kevin Inchley to arrange this.

If you have any questions about the Facility, please contact Kem Rogers, PhD, Chair, Construction Oversight Committee or Jane Rylett, PhD, Associate Dean and Director, Animal Research.