Working Groups get underway

More than 100 faculty, staff and students submitted their names to participate in one of the School’s budget and operationally focused Working Groups. During the next few months, the six groups, each with 10 members, will be working to assess and make recommendations on items relating to budget, organizational structure and other areas. The goal is to assist the School’s financial and strategic plan with one another. Each Working Group will report to the Senior Leadership Council.

It is expected that the Working Groups will complete their work by mid-June.


Clinical  Basic   Research   Development   Ops & Admin  Education
Davy Cheng & Jim Calvin Doug Jones & Alison Allan Dave Litchfield & Marlys Koschinsky Heather Thomas & Narinder Paul Rosemary Hicks & Dinah Frank Jay Rosenfield & Walter Siqueria
Robin Walker Jeff Frisbee David Edgell Silke Klenk Joan Estabrooks Kevin Fung
Tim Doherty Greg Dekaban Sandrine de Ribaupierre Vicki Douvalis Janelle Pritchard Susanne Schmid
Lois Hayter Michelle Weir Sue Ann Becker Nicole Dorssers Lisa Johnson Pamela Bere
Lindsay Bos Katey Senese Ronnine Elston Ken Wright Kay Hickey Lori Dengler
Natalie Wakabayashi Jennifer Devlin Susan Webster-Bogaert Saverio Stranges Jane Rylett Mithu Sen
Eric Arts Karen Gingrich Catherine Joyes Dave Creces Kim Scott Janet Biondi
Scott Rumas Fred Ross Mady Hymowitz Diana Lee Bertha Garcia Jennifer Parraga
Carrie Bloomfield Emily Leighton Doug Hamilton Valerie Schulz Bill Davis Nicole Sbrocca
Kaitlin McLay (Med) Griffin Smeenk (Med) Michael Groff (BMSc) Arlan Walsh (Med) Sheryl Choo (Fellow) Adam Groh (MSc)
Chirag Parekh (BMSc) Jason Lee (PhD) Esther Oshinaike (Med) Christine Huynh (Dent) Robbie Sparrow (Med) Justin Kim (Med)