Recognizing excellence in Distributed Education

Schulich Medicine & Dentistry’s annual Awards of Excellence recognized four Distributed Education faculty members from across Southwestern Ontario. Congratulations to Dr. Firas Al-Dhaher, Dr. Susan Munro, Dr. Donald Eby, and Dr. Martin Hug.

The Schulich Award of Excellence for Faculty in Distributed Sites honours outstanding faculty members who display exceptional interest and enthusiasm for the learning needs of students and residents.

Dr. Firas Al-Dhaher, Family Medicine
Dr. Al-Dhaher is the Site Director for the Family Medicine residency training program in Petrolia. Under his leadership, the Petrolia Medical Clinic has become a highly successful training site. Dr. Al-Dhaher is actively involved with teaching family medicine residents and medical students. He is described as an enthusiastic mentor to medical students and residents and a role model for comprehensive care. Dr. Al-Dhaher was a recipient of a Peer Recognition Award recognizing his dedication to patients and colleagues. He also received the Ontario College of Family Physicians Award of Excellence recognizing exceptional achievement in the speciality of family medicine.  

Dr. Susan Munro, Family Medicine
Dr. Munro is an outstanding clinical and educational leader in the community of Chatham. She was instrumental in establishing the Family Health Team in Chatham and developing the site as one of the core teaching sites for Family Medicine. Dr. Munro served as the Site Director for the Family Medicine residency training program in Chatham-Kent at its inception in 2010. She continues to provide high quality mentorship and teaching to the medical students and residents. Dr. Munro is a role model for comprehensive care and engagement in medical education and has been recognized by the Ontario College of Family Physicians with an Award of Excellence.

Dr. Donald Eby, Medicine
Dr. Eby joined Grey Bruce Health Services in 1984. He is an outstanding faculty educator who has displayed exceptional interest and enthusiasm towards the learning needs of trainees. Dr. Eby has demonstrated superior leadership skills both in his role as a clinician in the emergency department, as an educator with trainees and as an administrator in various capacities over the years, including medical Chief of Staff. He is described as a patient, effective teacher who leads by example, and encourages a thoughtful approach to patient management.

Dr. Martin Hug, Medicine
Dr. Hug has been described as a pillar of excellence in Emergency Medicine and hospital-based family practice at the St. Thomas-Elgin General Hospital, as well as in his role as a faculty member representing the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry. He has been a staff physician in St. Thomas for approximately 20 years. He is a dedicated teacher and clinician in the dual domains of Emergency Medicine and Hospitalist Medicine. Dr. Hug makes himself available for learners at all levels of training. He is consistent with constructive feedback and genuinely loves to teach.