Strategic Plan Refresh Update

During the summer months, Directors from the School’s administrative teams have been taking a look at the School’s strategic plan and moving forward with the refresh of the document which began under Dr. Margaret Steele’s leadership.

Building on the surveys, focus groups and planning sessions that were undertaken during the past 18 months, the Directors were tasked to work with their own teams of faculty and staff to make final updates to the goals within each of the School’s strategic directions and determine metrics to track the activity supporting those goals. It has been an engaging process.

The School’s Senior Leadership Council will be reviewing all of this work, in order to finalize the plan refresh. It is expected in early 2018 the outcomes will be shared more broadly across the School.

Although it has been a longer process than was originally anticipated, the School’s leadership is certain that the refreshed strategic plan will serve as a strong directional document to achieve our overall vision of being a global leader in optimizing life-long health.