Resident Spotlight: Dr. Ali Bateman, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Entering into the specialty area of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R) wasn’t always on Dr. Ali Bateman’s radar when she began medical school.

“Like most people, I’d never heard of PM&R. It wasn’t until half way through second year of medical school that I learned it existed,” said Dr. Bateman.

After completing electives throughout Canada, Dr. Bateman became enamored with the specialty and knew that Schulich Medicine & Dentistry was where she wanted to be to complete her studies.

“From the collegial and supportive faculty, to outstanding research and mentorship opportunities, to our fantasy football league - this school is incredible,” said Dr.Bateman.

The patient advocacy aspect of PM&R is what Dr. Bateman enjoys the most about the specialization.

“This is a wonderful field in which we evaluate, treat, and advocate for persons whose functional abilities have been impaired, whether due to amputation or stroke, cerebral palsy or spinal cord injury, to name only a few,” said Dr. Bateman.

With learning opportunities presenting themselves just about everywhere in residency, Dr. Bateman says the experience has allowed her to do more self-reflection.

Though residency is challenging and time consuming, she has learned that creating an equal work-life balance and prioritizing her own well-being is imperative.

“Patients prefer to have well-fed, patient, and kind residents on their healthcare team over hangry, disillusioned ones,” said Dr. Bateman.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have many people in my life I consider mentors, from coaches and teammates who modelled teamwork to teachers and professors who inspired my interest in education.

As a part of her goal to make more time for herself, Dr. Bateman would like to pursue her hobbies more heavily.

“I love art, especially photography. I recently re-discovered that I also love painting,” said Dr. Bateman.