Connection Creator

By Darrien Miller

When she’s not planning the numerous events for Schulich Medicine & Dentistry and engaging alumni, Nicole Dorssers can be found volunteering at five different local charities. Dorssers aspires to make her community her family.

“Growing up in a culturally diverse family has shown me that it’s important to support and build connections within my local community,” she said.

She began volunteering at a young age. Travelling abroad for school in France and travelling the Middle East when she was young, opened her mind and she began to see herself as a member of the world community. Becoming a part of each community she visits globally and locally is important to her.

Dorssers' past experiences with mentoring programs and the willingness of individuals to give up their time and advice inspired her to join Fanshawe’s Larry Myny Mentorship Program and her alma mater Huron University College’s Alumni program, where she mentors current students.

“Because I’ve been able to learn from past mentors, I want to instill what I’ve learned and empower the next generation. Helping others is important to me. You really get more out of it than you put into it,” Dorssers said.

In addition to mentoring, Dorssers has been actively involved with the Ronald McDonald House of Southwestern Ontario and the Red Shoe Society. The Society has raised more than $100,000 for the House. And the 2015 Scarlet Ball brought in record donations and increased membership with the Red Shoe Society. For her this was one of her proudest moments as a community volunteer.

Dorssers is also a part of London & Region Fundraising Professionals that holds monthly professional development and networking sessions.

Dorssers believes that it’s a privilege to be in the position to give up your time, benefitting both yourself and the community. In the process she’s been able to learn a lot about herself and the work she enjoys, along with how great people are in the community.

“Through volunteering you’re able to make your community stronger, fuller and more connected,” she said. Adding that “realizing how giving people in the community really helps you recognize the good being done. We hear a lot about the negative things, but if you bring in the good, you see good.”

Dorssers’ belief that we all make an impact continues to make the community around her stronger.

“Find something you love – everyone has the capacity to give back.”

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at Western and in London you can visit:

Student Success Centre 
Pillar Non-profit Network 
Ronald McDonald House 
The Red Shoe Society