Recognizing excellence in Distributed Education

Schulich Medicine & Dentistry’s annual Awards of Excellence recognized four Distributed Education faculty members from across Southwestern Ontario. Congratulations to Drs. Amit Bagga, Rochelle Dworkin, Anna Mayer and Shanil Narayan.

The Schulich Award of Excellence for Faculty in Distributed Sites honours outstanding faculty members who display exceptional interest and enthusiasm for the learning needs of students and residents.

Dr. Amit Bagga

Dr. Amit Bagga is the Chief of Nephrology at Windsor Regional Hospital and a dedicated faculty member with the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry – Windsor Campus. He is also the President of the Essex County Medical Society.

Dr. Bagga has held many academic roles with the Windsor Campus since its inception, and is currently the coordinator for the Year 1 Genitourinary Course and a faculty research mentor for fourth-year students. He manages a large administrative portfolio, while still providing high quality teaching to learners and peers. He consistently goes above and beyond to support the success of the Windsor Campus and its students.

With an approachable demeanour, caring attitude and keen sense of humour, Dr. Bagga is well respected among faculty, learners and administrative staff. He is described as an exceptional lecturer, leader, educator and mentor.

Dr. Rochelle Dworkin

Dr. Rochelle Dworkin is the site coordinator for the Rural – Hanover Program. She has worked tirelessly to establish the core curriculum and rotations for the Hanover site, and is a huge contributor to its ongoing success.

As a family physician and rural generalist, Dr. Dworkin advocates strongly for rural and regional learning experiences. “Distributed education is so important in producing rural physicians to provide care outside the urban setting,” she said. “Rural Canadians deserve excellent health care and that is why being involved in medical education at my site is important to me.”

Dr. Dworkin serves as a role model for learners and other faculty. She is described as a passionate teacher who is full of knowledge and advice.

For her, the learning goes both ways. “I love being involved with young, energetic, bright medical students and residents who remind me every day of why I wanted to be a doctor,” she said.

She is grateful to her colleagues for their continued support. “I am thrilled to accept this award on behalf of all the exceptional and hardworking teachers at our site,” she said. “Their support is very gratifying.”

Dr. Anna Mayer

Dr. Mayer is an exemplary role model for physician engagement and scholarship. She is an emergency physician and head of medical education with the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance (HPHA) at the Stratford General Hospital site.

She teaches a spectrum of learners, from medical students to senior residents, as well as fellows. Her natural teaching qualities have been consistently recognized by learners as a critical component to the success of distributed education in the Huron-Perth Academy.

Through the creation of a continuing professional development program at HPHA called “Consultant Round Table”, Dr. Mayer has helped improve patient care, increase standardization of care and improve efficiency and service delivery.

She brings a high degree of excellence to medical education and provides exemplary clinical leadership, helping her colleagues and learners become better physicians and communicators.

Dr. Shanil Narayan

Since arriving in Stratford, Ontario in 2003, Dr. Shanil Narayan has had a considerable impact on the community. With this award, he is being recognized for his passion for delivering excellent patient care and medical education.

As a general internist, Dr. Narayan has a reputation for being a brilliant clinician and diagnostician. He ensures the patient is at the centre of every clinical encounter, an approach that does not go unnoticed by trainees or patients.

Dr. Narayan is the regional academic director for the Huron-Perth Academy. Through his mentorship in this role, he has helped build a unique culture at Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance (HPHA). His enthusiasm for teaching and his profession demonstrate why the internal medicine rotation at the Stratford General Hospital site is consistently ranked as one of the best by residents.

He is also actively involved in medical education research, focusing on incorporating information technology with general internal medicine to improve patient care and medical education. This work has led to his role on the Innovation and Technology Task Force with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Dr. Narayan is described as a dear colleague, teacher, mentor and friend.