Top 10 Schulich Medicine & Dentistry We Act Achievements countdown

In 2012, Western University launched the We Speak satisfaction survey. Action began once the results were tabulated and shared with the faculties.

Schulich Medicine & Dentistry responded quickly and established a We Act team that was charged with developing plans taking action to enrich the environments of the School, as well as support the development of actions plans, in response to the survey, in each department.

The team has been meeting regularly since 2013 and providing updates to faculty and staff across the School through articles and videos.

There have been a large number of achievements during the past few years, which directly responded to the key areas identified of need through the survey. And we’ve compiled the top 10.

In the next few months, we’ll be sharing with you the entire Top 10 Schulich Medicine & Dentistry We Act Achievements. There have been a number of great initiatives implemented – and our top 10 list touches on a few of the efforts made to enrich the Schulich Medicine & Dentistry community.

Number 10

We Act Committee

The School created the We Act Committee that helped to plan, create structure and lead the way on the We Act initiative. Co-chaired by Margaret Steele and Doug Jones, the committee met on a regular basis to ensure the We Act initiative moved forward, to keep up to date on initiatives related to We Act that Western University was initiating and ensure that all plans were completed.

Number 9

Departmental focus groups, interviews and surveys and plans

Working with consultants Ann Becker and Janet Frood, the School established focus groups and small group interviews to learn more about the needs of faculty and staff as it related to the survey results. Discussions during the focus groups, which took the form of small and large group meetings, led to the development of action plans.

Number 8

Staff Wellness Committee

In response to feedback from staff about the need to have a more balanced work environment, the Staff Wellness Committee was formed. The Committee has been operational for almost two years and it leads a series of fun, engaging and informative wellness opportunities focused on healthy living. From discounted fitness memberships, to events such as the “Amazing Race” to weekly wellness walks and nutritional and mental health presentations, the Wellness Committee is providing a brand new service to staff across the School.

Watch for more achievements in the November issue of The Pulse, and for posters around the School sharing the Top 10 We Act Achievement Countdown.