Tips & tricks for proper pumpkin disposal

As we approach Halloween, keep in mind that there are proper methods for disposing of pumpkins. Kevin Inchley, Facilities, highlights some of the best ways to dispose of your pumpkins:

The preferred method of disposal would be to take the pumpkins home with you and cook with them or compost them. You or your garden and the planet will love it.

If this option is not available to you, then another environmentally friendly option would be to put it out for pickup by the City of London on their yard waste collection weeks or drop it off at one of the EnviroDepots. Information about these options can be found on the following links:

As a last resort, individual pumpkins can be bagged and placed beside a white hallway garbage can for disposal in the landfill. However, the planet will not love this option.

Persons looking to dispose of heavy and/or bulky items should always consult with departmental staff or Kevin Inchley ( for direction on the best method of disposal. Filling up one of the white hallway garbage bins is a very bad idea and persons doing this can expect a phone call or visit.